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Welcome to CUL 230 Taught by Chef Paul Grosz
January 19, 2024

Being a Chef has certainly risen in popularity and in job status, thanks in part to the Food Network and an increasing number of celebrity-driven restaurants and “reality” cooking shows.

But it’s a challenging profession. One that demands a high level of education, physical stamina and emotional perseverance. 

On the front lines are culinary educators at some of this country’s most prominent culinary colleges. 

Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan, is among them. This is where our Chef Paul Grosz teaches an advanced level 200 cooking class when he is not behind the stove at Cuisine Restaurant.

We caught a glimpse of that course’s description and we thought you’d enjoy taking an “insider” peak.


Welcome to CUL 230 – American Modern Cuisine. The purpose of this course is to give you a true experience of working in a top tier restaurant at its highest level under the tutelage of an accomplished chef.
Through the five-week course you will experience how to manage and work in 5 main stations in the brigade system.
  1. Expediter/Aboyeur
  2. Sauté/Saucier
  3. Roast/Braise/Rotisseur
  4. Grill/Grillardin
  5. Garde Manger/Cold Food
  6. Soup/Appitizer/Entremetier 7. Tournant/Roundsman
  7. Vegetarian

You will prep (mise) out your station from start to finish and then be responsible for live service of your assigned station. Full responsibility will be bestowed on you on a daily basis.

Daily discussions will take place prior to starting your station’s prep. Discussions of cooking techniques, proper plate up procedures and correct ordering, firing and cooking of each product will be done daily.

You’ll learn the importance of taking notes, making a prep list and developing a written timeline for each day’s production. Proper sanitation will be expected at all times in the kitchen for safety purposes and the well-being of our production. Organization and sanitation play a big roll throughout the five weeks we are together.

All the basic elements of cooking are exemplified in this course.

  1. Braising
  2. Sauteing
  3. Roasting
  4. Poaching 5. Marinating 6. Grilling
  5. Garnishing
  6. Garde Manger
  7. Knife cuts
  8. Proper Sanitation

Everything you have been taught and practiced in year 1 of your studies will be used and tested daily. In my over 40 years of cooking there is much I have seen.

Together, we will explore your competencies in learning. I, myself am learning every day. Together we will build your confidence, accuracy and speed so that you will feel comfortable entering any kitchen in the world. We will work as a team to strive for excellence.

I look forward to cooking with you.

Chef Paul Grosz

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