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Cuisine Restaurant has received the Restaurant of the Year Award by the Detroit Free Press
When is a door, NOT a door?…. When it’s ajar!
October 14, 2023

Ok, it may be an old “dad joke” but in truth, half of Cuisine’s new kitchen door is made of glass so maybe there’s a little truth to the “jar” part of this story.

And as far as the design, there’s no doubt that many of Chef’s kitchen staff, vendors and visitors who arrive at the restaurants back door, were ajar when they first noticed the dramatic new look.

Designed and created by Pete Loren, who is himself a Chef and who some might still remember from his tenure at Opus One in Detroit or in his role as Corporate Chef at Epoch Restaurant Group, whose restaurant portfolio included: Tribute, Forte, Too Chez and others.

While visiting Chef Paul, the kitchen conversation between the two naturally started as culinary one, but it somehow got off track (literally) when Pete noticed that the kitchen’s back door was precariously hung from its overhead track and looking just a “tad bit” worn.

Seeing Pete looking at the door, Chef Paul, knowing Pete’s art background, spoke up and asked if he could create something special for his kitchen.

A couple of sketches later, the design was approved and Pete went to work. And 4 weeks later, it was finished.

Pete commented, “This piece is made from structural steel, perforated and expended metals, and colored art glass.

It’s a large door and it weighs about 150 lbs.

It was so heavy that I couldn’t even carry it out of my studio.

Chef Paul and one of his sons rented a truck and both came over to help me get it to the restaurant.

It’s always fun to make a piece like this, especially when it’s for a restaurant and in particular, when it’s for someone like Paul whose talents I admire”, Pete said proudly.

You’ll see a bit more of Pete’s handywork soon as there will be some new blue drapery installed in the Zinc Bar with customer finials and curtain draw-backs Pete is working on.

“Restaurants have always been my home, and creating some special pieces for this “home” is both a joy and rewarding”, Pete concluded.

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