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Cuisine Restaurant has received the Restaurant of the Year Award by the Detroit Free Press
When you’re a Chef, school is ALWAYS in session.
September 7, 2023

Any Chef worth his or her “salt”, will tell you that if you’re even if you’re truly a great Chef, you NEVER stop learning.

The culinary journey for some, begins as a child. Learning to cook by watching your parents, grandparents or siblings make lunch or dinner on a simple stove top.

Others, continue their education at a culinary school in high school or college. And a fortunate few, learn their “chops” by apprenticing or being employed at some of the finest restaurants in the world, under the tutelage of some of the finest Chef’s to have ever held a knife.

There’s no “one” way to make it in this profession. Some cooks learn by doing, by constant repetition. Others can pick things up by watching or studying, then it just seems to “click” when they pick up a whisk.

But perhaps the BEST approach to becoming a Chef is mixture of both. A marriage of both study AND practice.

Chef Paul’s enormous experience has been gained by both as he studied at the famous cooking school Cordon Bleu in Paris, then later, under the watchful eye of the late Chef Jean Banchet, at the equally famous restaurant, Le Francais just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Paul has always been a teacher.

As a Chef, you have to be.

Every cook, every server, every employee from the host who greets you to the dishwasher who makes sure everything is cleaned properly at the end of the night, has to learn their job.

And as Chef, you’re the captain of the ship. And it’s especially true if you’re ALSO an owner. As is Chef Paul.

Now, you can add Professor Paul to the growing list of accomplishments on his career resume as he also teaches Culinary Arts at the Schoolcraft College.

Located on the Western edge of Livonia, Michigan, Schoolcraft College is recognized as one of the outstanding culinary schools in America.

The adage “teach what you know”, couldn’t have a better example in the case of Chef Paul.

Among the many disciplines taught in a department, Paul certainly is qualified to teach many of them.

Introduction to Cooking, Moist and Dry Heat Methods, Purchasing and Cost Controls, Wine and Spirits, Foundations of Healthy Cooking, Butchering, Charcuterie and Garde Manger, International Cooking, and the list goes on.

But the one class Chef Paul is currently teaching, encompasses nearly all of these aforementioned disciplines.

Modern American Cuisine

It suits the Chef so well. In fact, the school operates a restaurant, which is open to the public, which gives the students the opportunity to put their newly found skills to the ultimate test.

Your palate.

Among the cooking principles and the dishes that are taught to them in this class, you’ll see menu items similar to the ones served at his own restaurant.

Teach what you know, is still the order of the day.

Of course, Paul’s “baby” is Cuisine Restaurant, and it’s here that a few, very lucky students, occasionally have the opportunity to experience the restaurant “biz” on a whole other level after school is done.

By 1:50 pm, the CUL 230 morning class lecture and its demonstrations are over.

Now it’s the early afternoon commute to Cuisine.

Now, it’s for real.





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